A Holiday Home Movie to be Thankful For

This is one recipe you won’t want to miss.

Home movie making has evolved over the years, but no matter how many Thanksgivings you’ve spent together, there’s one thing you can always count on: the complete and utter insanity that is your family (especially if you’re the Bluths of Arrested Development).

Lucky for us, it’s 2017 and it’s likely that every single member of your extended family keeps a video-capable smartphone in their pockets at all times. This means you have no excuse not to capture each and every antic that Turkey Day will undoubtedly offer. Follow this quick recipe for home movie success and immortalize the horrors and humiliation of this holiday for years to come…


Assemble your camera crew

Your crew should be comprised of those members of your family who share your vision for organized chaos and penchant for documentary(ish) filmmaking. Cousins and mischievous uncles work especially well. Kids are also helpful for those tricky crowded kitchen shots. Sync your devices, review the ingredients, and divide and conquer.


The one who’s always late

The one who talks to the food

The spice master

The food snob

the food snob

The taster

The family football game

The conversationalist

And just a dash of sassy grandma


Now that you’ve recorded they key elements for a hilarious home movie, simply review the footage and edit them together on your phone or computer.


Your masterpiece has been cultivated, curated, and cut with perfection and is now suitable for sharing. Gather the whole family ’round the telly after desert for this final piece de resistance or go for a guerilla tactic by sharing on social media first and taking comments (or criticism) later. Just remember that whatever feedback you may receive now, your family will ultimately thank you for preserving this year’s festivities with the cinematic flourish it deserves.

Happy Cinamaking, and Happy Thanksgiving!

*featured image c/o Arrested Development (Fox, Netflix)
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