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    Live stream, record, and edit multiple iOS and digital cameras. Save countless hours editing
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    Anyone can produce live and recorded professional-grade video
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Cinamaker Director Studio

Multi-camera Live Stream, Record, Edit

Produce Video Like a Pro With equipment you own
No Experience Necessary

Use your Mac or iPad plus iPhones and digital cameras to record and live stream like a pro. Go live on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitch and others. Output to Zoom and popular meeting platforms. Record and save countless hours editing with our mobile-easy in-app editor.

Use your Mac or your iPad to: 

Connect and Control up to 8 iOS Cameras and Digital Cameras

Live stream to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and other platforms

Send feed to Zoom, MS Teams, WebEx other meeting platforms

Edit in In-App Editor, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, DaVinci Resolve

Easily add up to 3 remote guests or cameras with our Zoom integration

Stream and record Remote Guest interviews

And much more …

30-Day Money-back guarantee


Cinamaker Empowers You

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Live Events
Religious Services


Religious Services

Sundays are made for Cinamaker. Worship organizations around the world are using Cinamaker to get the Word out.


Meetings & Webinars

Virtual meetings and webinars are enhanced with multiple camera angles, photos, video, graphics, and more. Enrich the experience of your attendees, while elevating your brand.


Level-Up Your Production

With multiple audio inputs and camera angles, now you can perform from anywhere and give your fans the level of quality they have come to expect.


Multi-Angle Interviews

Cinamaker adapts to your needs. It’s simple to place and connect iOS or digital cameras for optimal coverage of your live events.

Learning Education


Enlivened Learning

Online learning can be challenging. But with Cinamaker’s simple interface you can switch between your lesson materials, camera angles, and other media to enliven the learning experience.

For Instruction & Training

Multi-camera Instruction

They say “the devil is in the details. Whether is workouts, how-tos, detailed instruction, multiple angles can make the difference. With Cinamaker, add up to 4 iOS or digital cameras and give your audience the instruction they need.

Sign up: Free Cinamaker + Zoom Demo & Webinar – Live!

Join us for”Getting the Most From Zoom With Cinamaker” – a Live Demo and Q&A. See how easy it is to Output Cinamaker to Zoom, and include Remote Guests from Zoom with Cinamaker.

  • 11:00 AM EST

Sign up: Free Director Studio
Demo & Webinar – Live!

Video Creation made easy! Join us for a live Cinamaker Director Studio demo and see how simple it is to live stream, record, and edit with multiple cameras from your iPad or Mac.

  • 11:00 AM EST

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