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playlist live orlando

Cinamaker Hits Playlist Live 2019 in Orlando, Florida

For its 3rd consecutive year Cinamaker sponsors the annual Playlist Live conference. Cinamaker uses this opportunity to connect in person with VIP creators to better understand their needs and demonstrate forthcoming innovations Here…

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Panasonic AW-HE40

Cinamaker & Panasonic Partner to Simplify Multi-Camera Live Streaming

Panasonic PTZ Camera Video Switcher for iPad with Cinamaker Inside When Panasonic was looking to develop a new multi-camera video switcher software platform for its professional line of Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) video cameras, Cinamaker…

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Cinamaker Panel Integration for Adobe Premiere Pro

Cinamaker Unveils Premiere Pro Panel Integration

You’ve downloaded Cinamaker 2.0, experimented with live editing between different camera angles on the Cinamaker Director Pad, and managed to record your first multi-camera video or live-stream. Now that you’ve carved a notch…

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