About Cinamaker

Live Production. Transformed.

We believe that everyone has a story to tell with the power to move and change the world.

That’s why we’ve created Cinamaker, a powerful suite of breakthrough professional video tools that allows people to tell their stories and impact the world, simply and affordably.


With Cinamaker, multi-camera video production no longer requires thousands of dollars in equipment or a large crew to operate. We're the only mobile-native professional solution for video production and live streaming. With your iPad as the central control panel, Cinamaker simply connects up to 4 iPhones and/or digital cameras to create video like a pro.

Meet the Team


Benjamin Nowak


Gary Baker

SVP Corporate Development

Engineering Team

Kharkov, Ukraine

Having started programming at age 12, Benjamin Nowak’s career was almost squashed when he caught the attention of the FBI after some mild hacking. After his parents initiated a one year ban from computers, Benjamin quickly got back into action, this time only legally hacking.

Following an unsuccessful brief stint at Louisiana Tech University, at the age of 18, Benjamin began his professional technical career. Since then, and for almost 30 years, Benjamin has honed his entrepreneurial business and technical skills gaining specialization in many disciplines including: network systems, digital imaging, new media as well as sales and marketing automation.

Benjamin credits his industry knowledge to his time spent working with IBM and Salesforce.com; but Benjamin is most at home creating technical solutions to problems with his team of software engineers. Since 1992, Benjamin has provided new media and internet solutions for innovative startups and powerful brands such as IBM, Oracle, NCR, Honeywell, Manpower, McKesson and many others.

For over 15 years, I have helped companies define customer-centered innovation and digital strategies. I have provided expert guidance and cross-functional product team leadership to startups, mid-sized companies, and Global 1000 leaders in software, media/entertainment, healthcare, life sciences, industrial, retail, travel, and consumer goods.
A founding members of IBM iX (formerly IBM Interactive Media), I helped define the digital consulting practice for IBM’s top clients, and played a leading role in expanding IBM Interactive’s operations and Innovation Centers, now the largest digital agency in the world.
A former television director for Disney and a four-time business startup founder, I am drawn to entrepreneurial endeavors that promise to change the way we think and live.