About Cinamaker

We believe that everyone has a story to tell with the power to move and change the world.

Live Production, Transformed.

That’s why we’ve created Cinamaker, a powerful integrated suite of breakthrough video tools for live-streaming, online-meetings, and multi-camera recording and editing that allows everyone, no matter their experience level, to tell their stories and impact the world, simply and affordably.

Cinamaker eliminates the need to buy thousands of dollars in equipment and hire large professional crews.

Hollywood takes many, Cinamaker takes one

In every corner of the world Cinamaker is used by people at play and at work.

In stark contrast to the large professional TV and film production crews, Cinamaker stories are often conceived, produced and directed by one. Cinamaker has broken down the barriers-to-entry enabling everyone to produce professional-grade live and recorded video.

You’re in Control

Cinamaker gives you director-level control of your online video with ease. With extensive production capabilities in a simple iPad or Mac app, Cinamaker removes the technical barriers and lofty costs associated with live video production.

Using Cinamaker proves you’re serious about your content

Viewers take notice when the online event they are attending reaches beyond a talking head and slick Keynote presentation. Cinamaker allows you to beat online meeting fatigue with a more dynamic production.

Using professional video layouts, another camera angle, select video clips, and timely delivery of graphics are effective ways to tell your stories and impact your audience. With Cinamaker, it’s never been easier to create, inform, educate and shine.

Adapting to changes in communication, business and media in a post-covid world

Covid has changed habits globally. As we move beyond the pandemic individuals, and organizations will elevate their online communications in order to convey a more professional image and increase the effectiveness of their online communication or service delivery

Cinamaker Directors achieve this by:

  • Using video, graphics, and animations to enhance communication
  • Illustrating ideas, interviews, and performances from multiple camera angles
  • Collaborating with remote guests around the world
  • Including another angle to make a point more effectively
  • Using supporting visuals for productive demonstrations and learning

Ultimately, Cinamaker Directors enhance their videos to be more dynamic, informative, and effective.

The Cinamaker Advantage

Cinamaker is an end-to-end solution for professional live video creation that is:

  • Free to try with paid plans as low as $7 per month
  • Uses equipment you already own
  • Has the shortest learning curve of any live video solution
  • Does not take a team of professionals or thousands of dollars to get started

We’ve given you everything you need to be successful, so get Cinamakin!


Benjamin Nowak CEO

Having started programming at age 12, Benjamin Nowak’s career was almost squashed when he caught the attention of the FBI after some mild hacking. After his parents initiated a one year ban from computers, Benjamin quickly got back into action, this time only legally hacking. Following an unsuccessful brief stint at Louisiana Tech University, at the age of 18, Benjamin began his professional technical career.

Since then, and for almost 30 years, Benjamin has honed his entrepreneurial business and technical skills gaining specialization in many disciplines including: network systems, digital imaging, new media as well as sales and marketing automation.

Benjamin credits his industry knowledge to his time spent working with IBM and Salesforce.com; but Benjamin is most at home creating technical solutions to problems with his team of software engineers. Since 1992, Benjamin has provided new media and internet solutions for innovative startups and powerful brands such as IBM, Oracle, NCR, Honeywell, Manpower, McKesson and many others.


Engineering Team

Kharkov, Ukraine

Cinamaker’s engineering headquarters is in Kharkov, Ukraine where over the past three years our talented team has grown to over 20. The team holds many degrees in math and computer science including several masters and a doctorate. Cinamaker’s Chief Technology Officer, Andrii Mazepa and Chief Architect, Sergey Zadrikin, bring many years of professional software engineering experience and best practices to bear while leading our software development and quality assurance teams.

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