Optional Hardware HDMI Encoders

  • Cinamaker Encoder / HDMI Camera Adapter / 1080p60

    The Cinamaker mini H.264 HDMI encoder is a professional audio and video encoding product. The product supports 1-channel H.264 audio and the video capture function supports 4 output streams with H.264 video and MP3/ACC/MP2 audio. Users can adjust the code rate and picture quality in the control panel. The encoder …

USB-C + Lightning Adaptors

  • Lightning to 1Gb Ethernet & USB3

    Connect your iPad and iPhone to a 1Gb Ethernet network with this affordable lightning to RJ-45 Ethernet adapters that include a USB3 port and the ability to a lightning jack to run power to your phone. Shipping weight: 1 lbs Each additional weight: .15 lbs Specifications: Ethernet/RJ-45 connector, 1Gb/second Data …

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