Cinamaker Director Studio


Multi-Camera Switcher

Connect & control up to 8 iPhones and digital cameras, capture every angle

Live Stream & Record

Live Stream & Record

Record and stream to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, any RTMP destination with ease

Online meeting compatibility

Online Meeting Compatible

Enhance your live meetings, events, webinars via Cinamaker Virtual Webcam.

Media & Graphics

Media & Graphics

Add titles, graphics, images, recorded videos, audio and more

Remote Guest

Add Remote Guests

Include interview guests from anywhere in the world, live, via Zoom

In-App Editor

In-App Editor

Edit in playback with the powerful in-app editor, save countless hours in post

Virtual Cameras

Virtual Cameras

Use the full 4K sensor of your iPhone to crop and create additional 1080p camera views

Remote Control

Preview & Remote Control

Control your iPhones remotely Zoom, Focus, Set Exposure, Adjust Color and more from within Cinamaker

Audio Mixing

Audio Mixing

Automatically synchronize and mix up to 8 audio sources

Visual Effects

Visual Effects

Amplify your video with real-time cameras transitions, chroma key, picture-in-picture, and overlays

Premiere FCPX

Premiere / FCPX

Open your projects in external tools and view the timeline of your project including camera sources, media assets, special effects and the audio-mix captured in Cinamaker



Screen Share

Include content from you Mac desktop and iOS devices

Connect and record up to 8 iPhone and Digital Cameras

Switch live and edit in playback from your iPad or Mac.

Go live, share, and edit more in your favorite software.

Connect and record up to 8 iPhone and Digital Cameras

Switch live and edit in playback from your iPad or Mac.

Go live, share, and edit more in your favorite software.


Connect and record up to 8 iPhone and Digital Cameras

Switch live and edit in playback from your iPad or Mac.

Go live, share, and edit more in your favorite software.

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Video Creation made easy! Join us for a live Cinamaker Director Studio demo and see how simple it is to live stream, record, and edit with multiple cameras from your iPad or Mac.

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Why Cinamaker?

Cinamaker revolutionizes video production, eliminating complexity and enabling the highest level of productivity possible.

Creating professional grade videos to satisfy consumer demand is hard, time consuming and expensive. Cinamaker’s innovative and easy-to-operate production workflows enable anyone to create video content at the volume, speed and quality consumers demand. Cinamaker enables easy and fast video content creation by leveraging live production techniques utilized in broadcast TV studios and multi-camera production trucks that cost millions of dollars. Now you can call the shots like the director and have your videos live in minutes versus spending days and weeks with complex, traditional video production tools.


Cinamaker Delivers for Everyone

Cinamaker is the end-to-end complete solution for anyone to produce professional grade live and recorded video.


Cinamaker makes it easy to:

  • connect and operate cameras
  • switch camera angles and mix audio
  • embed graphics, animation, media and special effects
  • output to all popular meeting and streaming platforms
  • one-touch multi-camera record
  • for everyone to edit multi-camera productions
  • export projects to traditional video editing tools
  • add up to 3 remote guests or cameras with our Zoom integration
  • archive projects

Create, edit, and distribute professional-grade video with Cinamaker.




System Requirements



Minimum Hardware Configuration:


Cinamaker Director Studio

  • 2018 or newer iMac or MacBook Pro
  • Operating system – macOS v10.15.6 Catalina or newer
  • RAM – 8 GB of RAM
  • Graphics adapter – 2 GB of GPU VRAM


Cinamaker Director Studio

  • 2018 6th generation iPad or newer

Cinamaker Capture

  • 2016 iPhone SE or newer

Recommended Hardware Configuration:



Cinamaker Director Studio

  • 2020 or newer Mac mini, iMac or MacBook Pro
  • Operating system – macOS v11.2.3 Big Sur or newer
  • RAM – 16 GB or more
  • Graphics adapter – 4 GB of GPU VRAM or more


Cinamaker Director Studio

  • 2020 4th generation iPad Pro or newer

Cinamaker Capture

  • 2019 iPhone 11 or newer


  1. JNoonan79

    iOS complete instant solution!

    Well done! Wife has 0 knowledge of multi camera live and in 30 seconds we took 3 iOS phones and an iPad to live stream! It was so easy we were actually worried we did it wrong.

    This is an amazing app!  Instant solution done.

  2. Cecljrg

    Works great and amazingly easy

    I dont use Adobe tools and this is the easiest of all the live tools I’ve tested. 3 camera switches for my tutorial sessions with a logo bug.

  3. Elroyjaykins

    Simple and helpful!!!!

    Love Cinamaker beyond!

    Has made my Facebook live streams much more engaging.

    Thank you Cinamaker!💗

  4. mmpbg

    Great app

    Easy to use. Love it!

  5. wallypopsworld


    Very easy to use. Great app!

  6. aschwa1969

    Incredibly useful

    Multi-cam TV studio in an app. This is a fantastic system.

  7. DaCreativeGenius

    Perfect for my livestream and recording my tutorials

    I have very little production training and all my learning  has been on my own trying and testing devices, software and gear.

    I started working with Cinamaker in early 2018 and its my main go to app for live-streaming and recording my online tutorials, art demos, conference talks and artist interviews

  8. aschwa1969

    One of the Best apps for live streaming

    This app is easy to use, with many things to discover. My gosh thumbs up for the developers, it’s very affordable or even free with 2 cameras, to go live  streaming cinamaker is the way to go, use graphics, gifs, text, and many other things in your live stream. Thanks again for making this easy and simple.

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