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Jam in the Van

Live Streaming Music:

Live Editing With Multiple Cameras

Popular video series Jam In The Van travels the U.S. and gets musicians of all kinds to come and play in a colorfully renovated vintage Winnebago. These high-octane sessions are shot with multiple professional cameras, and until recently the final product required hours upon hours of post-production. The Jam In The Van team’s staunch commitment to quality ruled out live streams. Then they discovered Cinamaker.

bus jam in the van
audio video quality

“Even when we were a little startup in my backyard we were firm in our belief that our audio and video quality had to be of top notch. As a result, we had never attempted to live stream our sessions. We didn't want to send out a single camera angle with low quality, unmixed audio,” explains Jake Cotler of Jam In The Van. “Cinamaker has enabled us to stream our sessions in a way that matches the high-level aesthetic that our viewers have come to expect from Jam In The Van. As a result, we're able to broadcast our sessions live as they are being shot.”

Envision Festival

Multi-camera Storytelling: From Deep
In The Jungle, Out Unto The World

Envision is a 4-Day festival perfectly nestled where the Pacific Ocean meets the wild jungle of Costa Rica. dedicated to awakening our human potential, Envision Festival is a celebration that provides a platform for different cultures to collide harmoniously in regenerative community.

cinamaker envision festival
multi camera record

From the jungles of Costa Rica, Marc Angelo Coppola and his Superhero Academy trekked with Cinamaker in a backpack to multi-camera record and live edit with iPhone cameras and an ipad. And from the Superhero Academy stage at Envision, social entrepreneurs and sustainable business leaders from around the world came together to envision a world of actions and movements with which they can inspire others.

“I truly believe there is nothing that can stop us from achieving the "impossible" if we can envision it within our mind”, says Marc Angelo. “As a Superhero Academy, we strive to become engaging storytellers that will change the world through actions and movements we help inspire.”

And Cinamaker was there to capture it all.

marc angelo coppola
kylie wagner yoga instructor

Kylie Yoga

Multi-camera Instruction: Teaching Yoga to a Worldwide Audience

While at her job, Kylie Wagner tends to the day-to-day operations and needs of the coworking community at the Impact Hub, Santa Barbara.  Yet as a mid-week member perk, Kylie shares her passion with the community through her on-site Yoga practice and decompressions.

“I've been eager to share and grow my practice with more and more people”, says Kylie Wagner. “With Cinamaker, recording my sessions with multiple cameras is far more engaging and I can go deeper than with a single camera.  And because we use iPhones and an iPad, its simple to setup, record, and non-intrusive for the class".

Cinamaker for making instructional Yoga videos is just one example of storytelling for new creators. How will you get your stories out to the world?


recording yoga sessions with multiple cameras

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