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Cinamaker 2.23 Release Notes

Cinamaker is pleased to announce the release of Cinamaker version 2.23 Your success is our business. And with 2.23 comes new features to make your multi-camera video live streams and recordings more appealing and enhancements for ...

Cinamaker makes recording and editing your Zoom sessions a breeze; in real-time or afterward.

How to Give Your Zoom Meetings a Much-Needed Upgrade

By now it’s clear to most of us that remote meetings are here to stay. According to Buffer (2021), 97.6% of respondents said they’d like to work remotely, at least some of the time, for the rest of their careers. Likewise, 23% of ...


Cinamaker 2.19 Release Notes

With Director Studio version 2.19, for Mac and iPad, Cinamaker releases enhancements for adding and previewing media to your live streams and recordings. You may now access the front-facing camera on your HEVC-supported iPad, as well ...


Cinamaker Makes Remote Guests and Cameras a Breeze via the Zoom Meeting SDK

Cinamaker’s multi-camera video recording, editing, and live streaming app teams up with Zoom Video Communications, Inc. to expand its remote production capabilities.


Cinamaker 2.18 Release Notes

With Director Studio version 2.18, Cinamaker releases enhancements to the Remote Guest feature with Pre-Scheduling and invited Guests. We've made enhancements to the Cinamaker Virtual Webcam Driver 2.0, and more.


Cinamaker & Panasonic Partner to Simplify Multi-Camera Live Streaming

Panasonic PTZ Camera Video Switcher for iPad with Cinamaker Inside When Panasonic was looking to develop a new multi-camera video switcher software platform for its professional line of Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) video cameras, Cinamaker got ...


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