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Cinamaker Release v 2.15 is Here

Cinamaker Director Multicam Studio version 2.15 for iPad and Mac expands the possibilities of easy Multi-Camera Live-Streaming, Live-Meetings, Recording & Editing


Cinamaker Meeting Director: Make Great Meetings.

Cinamaker is pleased to introduce Cinamaker Meeting Director, a powerful video switcher and media engine to enhance your live Zoommeetings, events, and much more


Cinamaker & Panasonic Partner to Simplify Multi-Camera Live Streaming

Panasonic PTZ Camera Video Switcher for iPad with Cinamaker Inside When Panasonic was looking to develop a new multi-camera video switcher software platform for its professional line of Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) video cameras, Cinamaker got ...


Interview Lighting For Multi-Camera Video

A video interview can be as simple as two people sitting and talking to each other on a couch or as complex as a staged panel interview or survey of strangers on the street. Maybe while watching TV, you see a host talking to some ...


Shooting The Perfect Product Demo

You don’t have to be an expert filmmaker to produce a successful product demo video. With that said, the quality of your product demo could be one of your first chances to really impress your potential client, and there is a ...


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