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We Would Like to Thank the Academy…


This Monday, the Cinamaker team is looking back on some of its achievements before diving into yet another hectic, week-long to-do list.

As we’re sure you’ve all noticed, the summer went by fast. Like, really fast. So fast in fact, that we almost forgot to make some really important announcements. So without further ado, we would like to thank the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts  (AIVA) for awarding us three separate honors at this year’s 23rd annual Communicator Awards!

Cinamaker is constantly working to improve our mobile creator’s studio. We want our software to set new standards for the quality, usability, and affordability of live and recorded video production. That’s why it feels so incredible to have our work recognized by a body of professionals who are dedicated to the progress and success of emerging and evolving interactive media.

We are proud to announce that the 600+ members of the AIVA saw fit to award the Cinamaker app not one, but two Awards of Excellence in the categories of Mobile: General-Productivity and Features: Best Use of Camera. Our third honor was an Award of Distinction in the category of Features: Integrated Mobile Experience.


It’s important to acknowledge how far you’ve come, even if you have a long way to go. Besides, the summer isn’t over yet! Who knows what we can accomplish in just the next few days. But no matter the season, you can be sure that Cinamaker is thinking of bigger, better ways to help you Create, Distribute, and Engage.

For more Cinamaker updates and fun facts, follow us on Instagram and Twitter (@cinamakerapp) or find us on Facebook and YouTube!

The Cinamaker app is going public soon, but if you’re anxious to get started today, check out and feel free to sign up for our private Beta program. We did it you can download it now from this link.

Thanks and have a happy Monday!

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