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5 Videos That Create Engagement (Building Your Brand)


Looking to begin building your brand with the power of video? Here’s a list of five different types of videos that encourage interaction between you and your customers.

1. Product Reviews

Creating product review videos or sharing videos made by press or passionate consumers is a popular way for companies to gain attention as well as credibility for their products and engagement with their audience. Whichever type of review you choose to share, make sure the content is short and sweet. Adding excessive information can bore your audience and distract from the ultimate goal. Remember, all your audience wants is to know if the product in question is worth their time

For these types of videos, don’t worry too much about a strict script. Instead, just come up with a few talking points be sure to stay animated. If you start to get monotonous or long winded, you’ll lose your viewer’s interest.

2. Contests, Sales, and Campaign Kickoffs

Videos shared on social media are a fantastic way to keep your customers informed about any campaigns or special events you may have coming up. These can vary from more traditional marketing campaigns such as “Share a Coke” to more fun, informal videos asking viewers to share or submit their own videos to win big prizes or be featured on your brand’s pages. Non-profit organizations and charities can do especially well with these types of videos, as they encourage free publicity for a good cause, like the “ice bucket challenge!

Whatever your brand sells, services, or donates, video announcements allow for quick dissemination and offer an easy way for people to share, compete, or show support.

3. Vlogs And Unboxings

For these types of videos, it’s usually best to sponsor another YouTuber that already has a wide fan base. These sponsorships can be cross-promotional agreements or simply an offer to supply a sample of your product for free. The latter is an ideal arrangement for you to then request a reaction video, review, or “unboxing” video that will effectually act as an advertisement for you and an easy topic for the Vlogger’s next piece. These types of videos usually bring a lot of views and interest, especially with a personality that’s already well loved.

Given the current popularity of gaming videos, it’s usually the technology industry that reaps the benefits of these types of videos. After all, most people don’t want to watch a video about someone’s new mop, but they will watch a video about the latest phone or gaming system.

4. Livestream Events And Webinars

You may hold special events for your company or even public presentations and seminars for new products or initiatives. Unfortunately, not everyone who wants to go to your event can always make it. One of the best ways to combat this is with a live stream. Your customers will be able to see the content that they want and you’ll be able to communicate with a larger audience than just those who attend your event.

5. How-To And Tutorials

Company engagement shouldn’t end when a purchase is made. In fact, one of the best ways to stay in contact with customers after they make a purchase is to provide online how-to videos to keep them engaged with your brand and your product.

Tutorial videos don’t need to be limited to products requiring assembly. If you’re selling a tech device – such as a phone, television, or almost anything else – a how-to video can help you speak directly to your customers about some of the features of their device and how to set those up. If you provide a business service, you can make videos explaining how customers can get the most from their experience. A cosmetics or culinary company can utilize a how-to video for makeup looks and recipes, or a paper company could film a calligraphy lesson. Whatever your product is, there’s probably more than one way to use it — so get creative and share with your customers!

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