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What are the differences between Switcher Studio and Cinamaker?

What are the differences between Switcher Studio and Cinamaker?

Given Cinamaker Director Multicam Studio started on the iPad, one of the most common questions we get still get is what is the difference between Cinamaker and Switcher Studio?

The verdict? No contest. See why below.

Cinamaker vs. Switcher Studio

We believe there are many differences and have many former switcher customers on our platform. We’ll list a few here but encourage you all to try us and download our forever free app and see first hand.

This is an incomplete list-

1- Your license includes access to our powerful MacOS/NDI release

2- We use a project model- with metadata, all sources and media included

3- Everything saves locally on the iPad and is available for immediate live-editing after recording or a live stream

4- You can connect any cameras and more- not just iPhones allowing any HDMI or SDI sources to connect via an RTSP encoder

5- We support up to 8 audio sources and have an audio mixer built in

6- We support playing 24bit+alpha channel movies exported from Adobe After Effects and other high-end animation tools

7- We have the tightest integration with Apple FCPX and Adobe Premiere than any live production platform

8- We have an industry first live editor- allowing you to perform a live cut on a multi-cam recording over and over without using a timeline editor

9- We have a free version with limited capabilities, no watermarks, and no time-limits

10- Our paid version is a small fraction of their price at $16.67/mos when you buy annually

Note: If you do need more than 4 video sources at one time- Switcher has us beat on that one- at the moment. Most all of our users are more than happy with 4 video sources and 8 audio sources.

Lastly, we’ll say, former switcher clients claim we are much more stable.

You be the judge!

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