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The 10 Best Accessories To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Director’s Camera

You’ve taken some pretty good photos and videos with your smartphone, but what if you could convert your ordinary iPhone or Android into a real director’s camera? Believe it or not, an iPhone 5S was used to shoot one of the most talked-about films of 2015 — with the right attitude and accessories, your iPhone could make something just as great, or even better. 

1. Sony Cybershot Lens G (dsc-QX10)
Need to capture a compelling tight shot?

If you don’t have a smartphone with a 10x zoom lens, you can attach one of Sony’s G lenses to your smartphone for a quick fix. This device works with Android or iOS smartphones and has built-in NFC support that allows you to see what you’re capturing right on your screen. The Cybershot Lens G also has a handy memory card to store other shots.

2. Moment Smartphone Photography Lenses
Moment believes “the future of photography is in your pocket,” and we wholeheartedly agree.

Moment is a US company specializing in professional photography accessories for smartphones by optimizing multi-element designs to create cinema quality glass lenses for HD film.

Moment’s lenses are intricately planned and feature a bayonet design that spins and stops lenses into place, right on your phone’s camera. Check the Moment site to see their variety of products and find the perfect lens to fit your specific smartphone.


3. Zoom iQ6 X/Y Microphone
There’s no doubt that stunning cinematography is of the utmost importance in filmmaking. But top-notch audio is equally important. The Zoom iQ6 is the perfect tool for enhancing your phone’s audio production capacity.

Featuring two high-quality condenser microphones in an X/Y configuration, this device allows you to change the microphone angles to get various audio capture angles. You can also adjust input audio by using the level controls.

4. FiLMic Pro
FiLMic Pro provides you with supplemented camera controls to allow comprehensive adjustments when shooting a video. With FiLMic Pro, you can control the focus, EV, shutter speed, ISO, light meter, and color temperature of your image while filming. This software also provides you with LOG color profiles, changeable frame rates, and audio monitoring.

Fun Fact: Director Sean Baker used the FiLMic Pro to shoot the movie Tangerine.

5. LumaFusion
Need a title page? Credits?

LumaFusion is desktop-grade editing and graphics software that can be used right on your phone. Designed for efficiency and aimed at filmmakers, this software features superb animation, real-time preview, transition and effects, as well as a powerful tilter.

6. GorillaPod Tripod
Unless you’re going for a Cloverfield effect, you’re probably going to want a tripod to keep your shoot steady.

GorillaPods are a great way to keep your smartphone in place and can be found in various weights and sizes. Even better, GorillaPods’ have flexible legs that can wrap around different objects, allowing you to capture multiple angles. (Perfect for when you’re shooting with Cinamaker!)

7. DJI Osmo Mobile Stabilizer
The problem with using a handheld smartphone when shooting video is that the smallest mishap, bump, or flinch can ruin a moving shot. If you’re looking for smooth glidecam videography, DJI’s Osmo series is an excellent choice.

This device stabilizes your smartphone and requires minimal setup. It’s also ideal if you’re planning to take lots of shots, which you probably are.

8. Rode Videomic Me Microphone for Smartphones
If you’re looking for quality directional sound, Rode Videomic Me Microphone is an excellent external smartphone mic. All you need to do is attach it and experience the magic.

Fitted with a headphone jack, this accessory allows you to monitor sound while also ensuring that any errant noise outside its focus is totally cancelled.

9. Olloclip Active Lens
To finally capture those breathtaking landscapes that your formerly inept smartphone made you long for — the Olloclip Active Lens is a must-have.

The Olloclip is an active wide-angle lens that acts as a 2x telephoto lens for the iPhone. With its ability to take wide and panoramic shots, this photography gadget is guaranteed to give your little smartphone camera the extra-oomph it needs.

10. Hitcase Pro
Finally, if you’re looking to transform your smartphone into an all-purpose action camera, Hitcase Pro is a top choice.

The Hitcase Pro has waterproof protection and premium shock elements in addition to its removable mount system and sleek frame. Altogether, this accessory is the icing on the cake for a stunning smartphone production.


Capturing the perfect video takes lots of practice and the right accessories, but with these gadgets, you can easily transform your ordinary smartphone into a pro’s camera.

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