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Cinamaker is Pro #MOJO. Here’s why.


Everybody’s got a story to tell. From the dawn of civilization, humans have sought new ways to record information and new ways to share that information with their peers. Some people have even made it their life’s mission to bring news to others as fast as possible and as accurately as possible. We call them journalists.

Today, journalism looks a lot different than it did even 10 years ago. As society constantly innovates new platforms for consuming and sharing media using digital technologies, journalists must find faster, better ways to produce and report their news. And if “the medium is the message,” today’s message is mobility. More specifically, mobile devices: phones, tablets, laptops, you name it. These are the devices through which news is consumed and where it can also be made. That’s where mobile journalism, or “mojo” comes into play.

More journalism, more problems?

Cinamaker is “pro mojo” because the mojo movement empowers more people to share their experiences and perspectives. We’re no longer limited to just two or three major networks or newspapers. However, with great mojo comes great responsibility. Modern journalists aren’t just good writers, they have to be good producers, performers, and editors as well. And consumers can’t just rely on the first headline they see in this new ocean of information. We always need to check the facts and be sure not to fall victim to #fakenews.

Cinamaker is “the creator’s mobile studio.” We believe creators come from all walks of life and deserve production technology that’s ready to keep walking with them. We’re always eager to share new ways to use and improve our technology. Mobile Journalism represents an ideal application for Cinamaker: mobile-native production for mobile-native news. That’s why we’re so excited to demonstrate our technology for so many savvy mobile journalists at this year’s ONA conference in Washington D.C.

With just two apps, the Director Pad and Cinamaker Capture, Cinamaker transforms a simple tablet into a control room capable of real time switching and editing with a powerful graphics engine and audio mixing. Sync up to four smartphones, tablets, or other IP, studio grade cameras to capture your news in multiple angles.

Our solution eliminates the time, money, and learning curve that comes with traditional video production and embodies the most affordable option for mojo on the go. You can live stream to multiple destinations and save all your footage for post editing within the app or on your computer with your favorite software. Whatever you do, do it when and where you need to.

News doesn’t stop, so nothing should stop you.

(P.S. Like the mobile setup in our picture? See the video here.)

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