Cinamaker & Panasonic Partner to Simplify Multi-Camera Live Streaming

Panasonic AW-HE40

Panasonic PTZ Camera Video Switcher for iPad with Cinamaker Inside When Panasonic was looking to develop a new multi-camera video switcher software platform for its professional line of Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) video cameras, Cinamaker got the call. As a result, we are excited to announce our partnership with Panasonic and today’s release of LiveCTRL (pronounced LiveConTRoL) Panasonic’s new mobile iPad app with Cinamaker-inside enabling control, live switching and streaming select Panasonic pan/tilt/zoom cameras. LiveCTRL for iPad is now available in Apple’s App Store for free. “Panasonic chose us as their platform of choice because they recognized Cinamaker did precisely what their users were…

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Cinamaker Unveils Premiere Pro Panel Integration

Cinamaker Panel Integration for Adobe Premiere Pro

You’ve downloaded Cinamaker 2.0, experimented with live editing between different camera angles on the Cinamaker Director Pad, and managed to record your first multi-camera video or live-stream. Now that you’ve carved a notch or two during the production phase, you’re probably ready to take your post-production to the next level by transferring and editing your video in your favorite editor, but you’re bummed because it’s not nearly as quick and easy as you had hoped. Well, it’s time to bring out the champagne, because post-production just became infinitely more streamlined thanks to our new Adobe panel integration into Premiere Pro! Unveiled…

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Cinamaker at Adobe MAX 2018 (Get Your Special Offer)

Cinamaker at Adobe MAX 2018

If you’re new to Cinamaker and would like to see what all the excitement is about, mark your calendars because we’ll be at Adobe MAX 2018 this coming Monday through Wednesday, October 15-17, 2018 at the L.A. Convention Center. If you’ll be attending MAX, please come by and see us in Booth #1118. The three-day conference will be packed with networking opportunities, training, track sessions, and workshops led by industry leaders in a variety of creative fields and special appearances from top entertainment talent and more. We’ll be joined by guest creator, Dan Flores (@deltatangomike) who will be sharing an in-depth…

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Cinamaker: An Introduction

dancer cinamaker

After three and a half years in development, we are proud to release Cinamaker to the world. Here is an overview of our product starting with our Why. We hope you enjoy Cinamaker and get great value from it. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions, comments or needs. We believe that everyone has a story to tell with the power to move and change the world. That’s why we’ve created Cinamaker, a powerful suite of breakthrough professional video tools that allow people to tell their stories and impact the world, simply and affordably. Multi-Camera Recording With Cinamaker, multi-camera video…

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The 10 Best Accessories To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Director’s Camera

accessories to turn your smartphone into a director’s camera

You’ve taken some pretty good photos and videos with your smartphone, but what if you could convert your ordinary iPhone or Android into a real director’s camera? Believe it or not, an iPhone 5S was used to shoot one of the most talked-about films of 2015 — with the right attitude and accessories, your iPhone could make something just as great, or even better.  1. Sony Cybershot Lens G (dsc-QX10) Need to capture a compelling tight shot? If you don’t have a smartphone with a 10x zoom lens, you can attach one of Sony’s G lenses to your smartphone for…

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Best Budget Studio Lights

studio lights

Getting the best bang for your buck when it comes to studio lights isn’t easy. Cheaper lights typically mean unwanted variation in color temperature and output with each flash and will inevitably lead to extra work. Therefore, selection of the best budget studio lights requires consideration of critical factors, namely output, which is measured in Ws (watts per second) or Joules. Home studios and small commercial studios often need about 200Ws with larger studios requiring about 400Ws. Also note that lighting sources influence the quality of light, with incandescent light sources being the most consistent. So which ones are the…

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7 Tips For Shooting Outdoors

Shooting outdoors

Great shots call for more than just a good camera — and capturing images outside can be especially difficult, even for seasoned photographers and cinematographers. Prepare yourself with these 7 tips before venturing into the great wide open. 1. Explore The Location Every location has a unique aspect that can make an image stand out, but studying your location beforehand will help you get the most out of your shoot. Make sure you’re prepared to deal with potential weather, noise, and lighting issues and start thinking of how your subjects can and will interact with the elements within your location.…

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YouTube Tips for a Successful Channel

youtube tips for a successful channel

Are you looking to grow your channel’s success? These YouTube tips are key to a solid video creation foundation. Looking at how massive YouTube is today, it’s almost impossible to believe that the website was born out of frustration for the limited number of online video platforms just 12 years ago. Even though the online video scene has grown immensely since then, with over 1.3 billion users and revenue soaring over 4 billion a year, YouTube’s stats just can’t be beat. More importantly, YouTube has completely revolutionized the entertainment industry. Not only in the way video is consumed, but in…

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Shooting The Perfect Product Demo

How To Shoot A Product Demo

You don’t have to be an expert filmmaker to produce a successful product demo video. With that said, the quality of your product demo could be one of your first chances to really impress your potential client, and there is a certain level of professionalism expected from these videos. But never fear! Thanks to free, professional quality, multi-camera production software such as Cinamaker, creating a top notch product demo on your own is totally possible. You just need some pointers to get started. First, you should thoroughly plan your shoot, from set to storyboard, so that when the time comes, you’ll…

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Get Our Top Underrated Tactics To Promote Your Video Production

video production

You don’t need a degree in marketing to promote your video production; just the right tools and some solid tactics. Starting a video production company or career in film is hard work. Growing your portfolio and clientele might be even more difficult. The trick is knowing how to market your brand. As an artist or entrepreneur, marketing doesn’t always come easy. The odds are that your area of expertise is in something other than marketing and you’d rather be crafting your next video shoot rather than crafting marketing tactics. However, the truth is that you really don’t have to have…

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