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A Holiday Home Movie to be Thankful For

This is one recipe you won’t want to miss. Home movie making has evolved over the years, but no matter how many Thanksgivings you’ve spent together, there’s one thing you can always count on: the complete and utter insanity that is ...


Making a Music Video with Cinamaker

“This one goes to eleven.” We never actually asked the men of Broken Factory Windows how high their speakers went, but judging by the shelf that crashed halfway through the shoot, we’d say pretty high. The Space This local band rocks ...


Black Friday Tech Deals Cinamakers Can’t Miss

It’s just one week away! Love it or hate it, Black Friday is a national tradition that can get you some real bang for your buck — and for video creators like us, these crazy deals are the perfect way to snag some new additions ...


5 Videos That Create Engagement (Building Your Brand)

Looking to begin building your brand with the power of video? Here’s a list of five different types of videos that encourage interaction between you and your customers. 1. Product Reviews Creating product review videos or sharing ...


Find The Reason Why Video Beats Instruction Manuals

Forget pages of frustration, represent your brand with the ease and personality provided by video. Notice that your favorite internet pages have slowly transformed from pages of text to streams of video after video? Everyday, people ...


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