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What are the differences between Switcher Studio and Cinamaker?

What are the differences between Switcher Studio and Cinamaker?

Given Cinamaker Director Multicam Studio started on the iPad, one of the most common questions we get still get is what is the difference between Cinamaker and Switcher Studio? The verdict? No contest. See why below. Cinamaker vs. ...


The 10 Best Accessories To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Director’s Camera

You’ve taken some pretty good photos and videos with your smartphone, but what if you could convert your ordinary iPhone or Android into a real director’s camera? Believe it or not, an iPhone 5S was used to shoot one of the most ...


Best Budget Studio Lights

Getting the best bang for your buck when it comes to studio lights isn’t easy. Cheaper lights typically mean unwanted variation in color temperature and output with each flash and will inevitably lead to extra work. Therefore, ...


7 Tips For Shooting Outdoors

Great shots call for more than just a good camera — and capturing images outside can be especially difficult, even for seasoned photographers and cinematographers. Prepare yourself with these 7 tips before venturing into the ...


YouTube Tips for a Successful Channel

Are you looking to grow your channel’s success? These YouTube tips are key to a solid video creation foundation. Looking at how massive YouTube is today, it’s almost impossible to believe that the website was born out of frustration ...


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