Lighting for Action Shots (Get Them Right)

action shots

It’s true, lighting can make or break a shot. Simple lighting differences are able to elicit incredibly diverse audience emotions. For example, the soft light for a couple sitting together holding hands at sunset has a far different look than the dark lighting of someone standing at a cemetery in the rain. Lighting for action shots requires the same nuanced attention to detail. When producing an action shot, you want the audience to feel excited for the subjects and maybe even a little nervous about whether they will succeed. But how are these emotions drawn from the audience? Here’s some…

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Live Stream as a Tool For Brand Growth And Awareness

live stream as a tool

A live stream can be useful in myriad situations — yet when most people think of live streaming, events are often the first use-case that comes to mind. However, this is only one way to use a live stream video to your advantage. For brands, whether they be personal or commercial, live streaming can be a powerful tool for growth and awareness. Live streaming as a marketing technique can serve its purpose with various tactics, and has even helped such well-known brands as Tough Mudder and Dunkin’ Donuts to further extend their presence and impact. Announcements And Messages Whether you’re…

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A Holiday Home Movie to be Thankful For

holiday home movie

This is one recipe you won’t want to miss. Home movie making has evolved over the years, but no matter how many Thanksgivings you’ve spent together, there’s one thing you can always count on: the complete and utter insanity that is your family (especially if you’re the Bluths of Arrested Development). Lucky for us, it’s 2017 and it’s likely that every single member of your extended family keeps a video-capable smartphone in their pockets at all times. This means you have no excuse not to capture each and every antic that Turkey Day will undoubtedly offer. Follow this quick recipe for…

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Making a Music Video with Cinamaker

making a music video with cinamaker

“This one goes to eleven.” We never actually asked the men of Broken Factory Windows how high their speakers went, but judging by the shelf that crashed halfway through the shoot, we’d say pretty high. The Space This local band rocks its post-hardcore jams in a tiny studio above the drummer’s print shop, Odditees. To create an authentic music video, we decided to bring our Cinamaker studio to them. As we climbed the narrow staircase, it became clear that the space could hardly hold the band members and their equipment let alone us. A traditional camera crew might have been…

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Black Friday Tech Deals Cinamakers Can’t Miss

black friday

It’s just one week away! Love it or hate it, Black Friday is a national tradition that can get you some real bang for your buck — and for video creators like us, these crazy deals are the perfect way to snag some new additions for our Cinamaker mobile studios. With Cinamaker, creating professional video on the go is a snap. All you need is a tablet and one or more smartphones and voila! You’ve got a control room and studio cameras that fit easily in your backpack. Plus, Cinamaker is now available for immediate free download for iOS devices…

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5 Videos That Create Engagement (Building Your Brand)

videos that create engagement

Looking to begin building your brand with the power of video? Here’s a list of five different types of videos that encourage interaction between you and your customers. 1. Product Reviews Creating product review videos or sharing videos made by press or passionate consumers is a popular way for companies to gain attention as well as credibility for their products and engagement with their audience. Whichever type of review you choose to share, make sure the content is short and sweet. Adding excessive information can bore your audience and distract from the ultimate goal. Remember, all your audience wants is…

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Find The Reason Why Video Beats Instruction Manuals

why video beats instruction manuals

Forget pages of frustration, represent your brand with the ease and personality provided by video. Notice that your favorite internet pages have slowly transformed from pages of text to streams of video after video? Everyday, people become less and less inclined to read anything longer than 140 characters and happier to spend hours watching shared video content. While literacy rates remain the same, this slow but sure focus away from reading affects everything we do, including learning. Of course people still learn by reading, after all, you’re reading this right now! But as a brand, it’s not enough to only…

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5 Big Brands with Big YouTube Branding Skills

youtube branding skills

YouTube is a powerful marketing tool, and these five brands are here to prove it. Last week, we discussed tips for getting your content seen. But don’t lose sight of the content itself! Long-term success on YouTube is ultimately created by frequently and consistently publishing unique, authentic content. It’s real work! If you’re looking to make waves for your brand with video content, start with studying the pros. The following is a list of the top brands whose hard work and smart tactics have created a strong, lasting YouTube presence. Nike Few companies would ever dream of having the marketing…

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How Do I Get My Video Content Seen?

video content

When it comes to creating a successful YouTube or Vimeo channel, recording your first video is just a fraction of the work that needs to be done. After that comes the really hard part: trying to direct new viewers to your content. Luckily, it doesn’t all have to be left to chance. There are some concrete steps you can take in attracting an audience to your page. Some of this requires trial and error, but don’t sweat it — we’re about to give you some of the best tips to drive more traffic to your channel. Choose Your Username Wisely…

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13 Low Budget Hollywood Tricks (and Treats!)

low budget hollywood tricks

Today we’re bringing you some seriously spooky Hollywood hacks just in time for Halloween. Learn the ways of filmmakers like Kubrick, Hitchcock, and more in this handy listicle, perfect for up and coming creators with big ideas, but little funding. 13 is about to be your lucky number. 1) Master the dolly-zoom, or Vertigo effect, by moving the camera towards the subject while zooming out at the same time. It might take some practice, but this trick is dizzyingly simple. 2) Don’t have a dolly? Use a wheelchair or any other comparable wheeled conveyance to give your shots some movement. 3)…

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