Best Budget Studio Lights

studio lights

Getting the best bang for your buck when it comes to studio lights isn’t easy. Cheaper lights typically mean unwanted variation in color temperature and output with each flash and will inevitably lead to extra work. Therefore, selection of the best budget studio lights requires consideration of critical factors, namely output, which is measured in Ws (watts per second) or Joules. Home studios and small commercial studios often need about 200Ws with larger studios requiring about 400Ws. Also note that lighting sources influence the quality of light, with incandescent light sources being the most consistent. So which ones are the…

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7 Tips For Shooting Outdoors

Shooting outdoors

Great shots call for more than just a good camera — and capturing images outside can be especially difficult, even for seasoned photographers and cinematographers. Prepare yourself with these 7 tips before venturing into the great wide open. 1. Explore The Location Every location has a unique aspect that can make an image stand out, but studying your location beforehand will help you get the most out of your shoot. Make sure you’re prepared to deal with potential weather, noise, and lighting issues and start thinking of how your subjects can and will interact with the elements within your location.…

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YouTube Tips for a Successful Channel

youtube tips for a successful channel

Are you looking to grow your channel’s success? These YouTube tips are key to a solid video creation foundation. Looking at how massive YouTube is today, it’s almost impossible to believe that the website was born out of frustration for the limited number of online video platforms just 12 years ago. Even though the online video scene has grown immensely since then, with over 1.3 billion users and revenue soaring over 4 billion a year, YouTube’s stats just can’t be beat. More importantly, YouTube has completely revolutionized the entertainment industry. Not only in the way video is consumed, but in…

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Shooting The Perfect Product Demo

How To Shoot A Product Demo

You don’t have to be an expert filmmaker to produce a successful product demo video. With that said, the quality of your product demo could be one of your first chances to really impress your potential client, and there is a certain level of professionalism expected from these videos. But never fear! Thanks to free, professional quality, multi-camera production software such as Cinamaker, creating a top notch product demo on your own is totally possible. You just need some pointers to get started. First, you should thoroughly plan your shoot, from set to storyboard, so that when the time comes, you’ll…

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Get Our Top Underrated Tactics To Promote Your Video Production

video production

You don’t need a degree in marketing to promote your video production; just the right tools and some solid tactics. Starting a video production company or career in film is hard work. Growing your portfolio and clientele might be even more difficult. The trick is knowing how to market your brand. As an artist or entrepreneur, marketing doesn’t always come easy. The odds are that your area of expertise is in something other than marketing and you’d rather be crafting your next video shoot rather than crafting marketing tactics. However, the truth is that you really don’t have to have…

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Are You on Top of the Latest Video Production Trends?

Latest Video Production Trends

We’re in an age where we have the power of cinema and broadcast in the palm of our hand. Anyone can create a video, publish it, and lay claim to being a producer. The power of media is now accessible to the masses.  This means that now more than ever, it’s necessary to stay ahead of the pack by staying on top of the latest video production trends. It’s essential to execute your video production with a solid plan that integrates the right equipment and applications. Whether you’re a newbie or an old-hand when it comes to creating video, an…

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New Year, New Gear!

new year new gear

Out with the old and in with the new… Happy New Year, filmmakers! As 2017 finally comes to an end, it’s time to start planning for the year ahead. Some of you are charging into 2018 with plans for rewarding resolutions, or maybe just some much needed change. If your new year goals include amping up your video production game, get a fresh start with fresh gear — we’ve got some suggestions right here! Smartphones & Tablets You no longer need to spend thousands on heavy, traditional cameras and other videography equipment to produce polished, professional video. With mobile-native software…

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Unboxing Videos Unwrapped (Create Videos People Will Like)

unboxing videos unwrapped

‘Tis the season for unboxing videos! Whatever your reason for celebration, chances are you have a gift or two coming your way this winter — or at least some serious post-holiday sales shopping. That means it’s the perfect time for you to stretch your vlogging muscles with unboxing videos for your favorite (or least favorite) new toys. The concept of an unboxing video is all in the name. You unbox, or act like you’re unboxing a product for the first time, and review it for all your followers or other potential consumers to see. Maybe you’re just doing this as…

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Which Video Formats Work Best With Which Platforms And The Reason Why

video formats and the platforms

The time has come. You’ve finally realized that video marketing is essential to your social media strategy and search engine marketing. Today, choosing the right video formats and appropriate social media platforms is the key to increasing brand exposure and lead generation. The question is: are you savvy enough to get started? Do you even know where to begin? The truth is that video formats vary and this can cause confusion and frustration for people without the knowledge of how videos work on different social media platforms. Video formats can also vary depending on the equipment you’re using to film…

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Interview Lighting For Multi-Camera Video

Interview Lighting For Multi-Camera Video

A video interview can be as simple as two people sitting and talking to each other on a couch or as complex as a staged panel interview or survey of strangers on the street. Maybe while watching TV, you see a host talking to some people in a huge, beautifully lit room. This interview lighting might seem effortless, but it can actually be difficult to accomplish. While you may be used to shooting no-frills, single-camera, documentary style encounters, sometimes a multi-camera setup is the best or only way to capture a particular interview configuration. Interviews with multiple cameras can invite…

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