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Cinamaker Meeting Director: Make Great Meetings.

Cinamaker is pleased to introduce Cinamaker Meeting Director, a powerful video switcher and media engine to enhance your live Zoommeetings, events, and much more


Cinamaker & Panasonic Partner to Simplify Multi-Camera Live Streaming

Panasonic PTZ Camera Video Switcher for iPad with Cinamaker Inside When Panasonic was looking to develop a new multi-camera video switcher software platform for its professional line of Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) video cameras, Cinamaker got ...


Interview Lighting For Multi-Camera Video

A video interview can be as simple as two people sitting and talking to each other on a couch or as complex as a staged panel interview or survey of strangers on the street. Maybe while watching TV, you see a host talking to some ...


Shooting The Perfect Product Demo

You don’t have to be an expert filmmaker to produce a successful product demo video. With that said, the quality of your product demo could be one of your first chances to really impress your potential client, and there is a ...


Cinamaker Selected to “The Streaming Media Producer 25”

Humbled by the companies Cinamaker shares the page with as well as the kudos in our summary and in our partner Panasonic USA‘s profile. Thank you Streaming Media Producer! CINAMAKER iOS-based, live-switched streaming is looking ...


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