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5 Big Brands with Big YouTube Branding Skills


YouTube is a powerful marketing tool, and these five brands are here to prove it. Last week, we discussed tips for getting your content seen. But don’t lose sight of the content itself! Long-term success on YouTube is ultimately created by frequently and consistently publishing unique, authentic content. It’s real work!

If you’re looking to make waves for your brand with video content, start with studying the pros. The following is a list of the top brands whose hard work and smart tactics have created a strong, lasting YouTube presence.

Few companies would ever dream of having the marketing resources Nike has. Although Nike hires a lot of influencers and celebrities, its success on YouTube has been about more than just hiring renowned names. Nike’s success can also be attributed to the fact that it stayed in touch with its brand’s many unique audiences on a personal level.

For instance, while the Nike Football YouTube channel is targeted to the UK market, the brand also maintained channels like Nike, Nikefootball, Nikefutebol, NikeSoccer and many more location and sport specific channels. Rather than trying to accommodate all its content on a single channel, Nike worked hard to create and maintain channels that provided a special place for each audience segment, and that hard work paid off.

Halifax bank has truly used YouTube to help drive brand awareness by differentiating itself from competitors. Unlike other banks, Halifax focuses on short, simple, and creative videos to deliver a campaigns real influence.

Halifax also uses the TrueView YouTube ad platform, which means its ads play alongside each other or stream in related content. This ensures that its videos gain massive, relevant reach. Moreover, Halifax creates their video and ad content with the medium in mind. Its concise and interesting content works to convey memorable messages — and they work!

Who knew such an arguably boring product could be made to appear so flashy by a simple video? BlendTec does accomplishes this task perfectly.

This brand found success on YouTube by analyzing what its product really does better than its competition and highlighting the “secret sauce” that converts viewers to consumers. On top of all that, using the CEO instead of actors provided incredible ethos (and perhaps even some pathos) that gave the BlendTec brand a real human appeal.

Who doesn’t know and love the LEGO brand? Because of LEGO’s unique place in the hearts of children and adults around the world, this brand was able to utilize a unique form of video marketing.

LEGO’s YouTube videos include animations as well as ads with actual LEGO toys being used and played with by actors. To succeed on YouTube, LEGO evaluated their brand’s audience and created video content based on this research. As a result, the channel not only includes the latter form of more traditional ads, but various series of animated videos to give even more life to its world famous building blocks.

The Home Depot
One thing’s for sure: The Home Depot is never over the top in promoting its products. Instead of over-saturating screens with over-salesy ad content, it creates content relevant and useful to its audience.

By bringing information to consumers in the form of educational videos on YouTube, The Home Depot has only further established itself as a trusted expert. It’s also worth noting that The Home Depot keeps with this no-nonsense theme by posting tutorials hosted by actual employees working in real stores rather than celebrities who may have never even picked up a screwdriver in the last decade.While celebrity appeal may work well for some brands, it’s important to remember that such endorsements tie the celebrity and his or her actions to your brand, which can spell disaster should they be revealed in anyway less than upstanding.

What’s most important is that The Home Depot’s content provides money saving tips and practical knowledge. They’ve stuck to a theme that’s authentic and useful — if your brand can do the same, a YouTube channel may serve as one of your greatest marketing assets yet.

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