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Cinamaker application goal and users benefits

Use your Mac plus iPhones, digital cameras, and Zoom meeting participants to record and live stream like a pro and to have your mixed stream output to Zoom or Go live on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitch and others. Record and save multi-camera, multi-guest projects and edit with our mobile-easy in-app editor.


Use your Mac to:

  • Connect and Control up to 8 iOS Cameras, Digital Cameras and Zoom remote guests,
  • Send output feed to Zoom meetings and webinars,
  • Easily add up to 3 Zoom remote guests in high resolution or more with our Zoom integration,
  • Stream and record Remote Guest interviews,
  • Live stream to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and other platforms,
  • Edit in In-App Editor, or export projects to be opened in Apple’s Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro


Integration with Zoom

The integration was made with Zoom OAuth method.

Audio/Video sending and receiving made with interaction with Zoom RAW data SDK.


Required condition to test

Please use the build provided by this link

The flow described below will include steps of interaction with web interface and there is a dependency of production version. 

The flow below will/can provide a link to download. Regardless of link provided in web interfaces by the flow below, please use the build required for testing.


User Flow for Zoom Meeting start in Cinamaker Director Studio

  1. Open the Cinamaker landing page by link on your Mac.  You will be redirected to Zoom Sign in web page. 
  2. Sign in to Zoom or confirm Zoom authentication on Zoom sign in web page. In a case if Zoom sign in page was not opened, please click on “Continue with Zoom” button on Cinamaker landing page. After the successful sign in to Zoom you will be redirected back to the Cinamaker landing page. 

  3. Then you will see a page with “Get Cinamaker” button. 

    In a case you did not install Cinamaker Multicam Studio yet, you can get the installation package by this link
  4. Install the Cinamaker-Director-Studio-Zoom-review.pkg on your Mac.
    Technical requirements:
    – Mac OS: 11.0.1 or higher
    – Web camera or Facetime camera
  5. Start the installed Director Multicam Studio application.
  6. Use the Zoom Sign in option.

  7. Sign in to Zoom using the same Zoom credentials you used before. After successful sign in you will be redirected back to the Cinamaker application.
  8. Click on the “New session” button.

  9. Open Source Browser screen

    Source Browser screen

  10. Scroll down to the “Remote Guest / Camera Management”
  11. Click “Start Meeting”

  12. After the meeting starts, you will be able to:
    – End meeting by tapping on “Leave meeting” button
    – See meeting credentials bi tapping on “Meeting info” button
    – Share or copy meeting info to allow another user to join the meeting


  13. Click Meeting Info and share the credentials with the Zoom client
  14. When a participant connects, he appears in the “Remote Guest/Camera Management” section.

    Remote Guest-Camera Management

  15. The participant is already able to see the application video output. You can also connect the participant as a camera source by clicking the “Activate Camera” switch
  16. Go back to the Main screen

    Main screen

  17. You will see the video feed from the participant on the Main preview and Source preview

    Main preview and Source preview

  18. Now you can add graphics, Picture in Picture and other objects to your stream using the Media Panel, add new cameras using Source Browser, switch between sources etc. All you do will be visible to the meeting participants.

In a case if the link above does not work, please download it by clicking on the Download button below.



You can also use Cinamaker Capture application downloaded from app store and installed on your iphone to connect an additional camera.

User Flow for Zoom Webinar start in Cinamaker Director Studio

  1. Download and install the Cinamaker Director Studio
  2. Start Cinamaker Director Studio
  3. Specify the Network ID

    The ID should be same on all devices in session
  4. Start new session

  5. At least one video source should be connected. You will need at least a web camera or an iOS device running Cinamaker Capture (iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch)
    If you choose to use an iOS device:
    – Install Cinamaker Capture on iOS device from
    Start Cinamaker Capture
    – Specify the same session ID you set in Cinamaker Director Studio

    – Tap “Video”

    – Wait until the device connects to Cinamaker Director Studio. The name of Director device will appear in the bottom part of the screen

  6. Proceed to Source Browser

  7. Turn on the web camera or wait until iOS device connects

  8. Return to the Main Screen by clicking “Back”
  9. Please ensure that you see the video feed from at least one source in the bottom and click the start button (red circle)

  10. Select the Zoom tab on the left (the cell itself, not the switch)

  11. Authorize Cinamaker Director Studio to use Zoom

  12. Turn the switch on to enable Zoom setup (1)
    and switch to Webinars tab (2)

  13. See a list of webinars available on the account. Webinars should be previously created in your Zoom profile.

  14. Select the webinar you want to start (1)
    Click “Start: Zoom” button

  15. When meeting is started, “Zoom” control will appear in the top panel (1)
    Click on the button (2) to see and share the meeting/webinar join information
    To stop meeting/webinar, click button (3)

  16. See the output feed (audio and video) from Cinamaker Director Studio in Zoom Webinar.
    See the audio input from Zoom Webinar in Cinamaker Director Studio.

Uninstalling the Cinamaker Director Multicam Studio application

To uninstall the Cinamaker Director Multicam Studio application:

  • open finder
  • find a folder with saved projects. Saved projects should be in documents with “Director Multicam Studio” name by default.
  • Move saved projects to a bin.
  • Find Cinamaker Director Multicam Studio application folder. The application folder should be in applications with “Director Multicam Studio” name by default.
  • Move Cinamaker Director Multicam Studio folder to a bin.

To uninstall Cinamaker Cidector Multicam Studio application from Zoom installed apps:



Cinamaker Knowledge Base

Please see the Cinamaker knowledge base by this link 

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