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Cinamaker 2.5 Nominated for Product of the Year -Come See us at NAB

Version 2.5 brings a redesigned interface and multitude of new features, including live-editing capability during and/or immediately after recording

To be nominated for Product of the Year by NAB, the top broadcast industry association is quite an honor. 

We’re deeply grateful for the recognition where today at the 2019 NAB Show we will be rolling out Cinamaker v2.5 with revised UX and interface enhancements as well as exciting new features to our live video production platform.

Join us at NAB in our booth # SU10510 in the South Upper Hall

With Cinamaker 2.5 comes the rollout of “Live-Edit”, where users can now connect, preview, switch, control media, record, and live stream up to 4 iPhones, digital cameras, and external sources in Perfect Sync™ during recording and during playback, as well.

“We’ve made live multi-camera video production fast, easy, fun, and affordable”, says Benjamin Nowak, founder, and CEO of Atlanta-based Cinamaker. “With our Perfect Sync™ synchronization engine, cameras, audio, media assets, and real-time edit decisions are captured in both wireless and wired settings. As soon as a live stream or recording is finished, users can switch cameras and/or refine edits while in playback, making for the fastest HD video production available,” says Nowak.

Cinamaker Live-Edit: Preview, switch, control media and audio – in real-time and in playback

Also included in Cinamaker 2.5 is a fresh User Interface ensuring a simpler, more intuitive User Experience for new and experienced creators alike. New features in 2.5 include on-the-fly camera transitions, animated gif support, embedding audio clips, applying borders and cropping and adding transitions to media overlays and picture-in-picture windows as well as advanced project management and iCloud archive capabilities.

As a proud partner of Apple and Adobe, we have integrated Cinamaker’s production workflow with Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro. Using Handoff and Panel integration, Cinamaker passes all XML files, video and audio assets, graphics files, and edit decisions, in PerfectSync™ simplifying editing refinement, audio and color correction within seconds of being imported, and saving countless hours of post-production.

And the price is right, too. Cinamaker Director 2.5 for the iPad can be downloaded from App Store and is free to use with up to two iPhone/iPad cameras. Cinamaker Director 2.5 is also available for up to four iPhone/iPad or digital cameras at a monthly cost of $19.99 or $199 per year.

To be recognized as one of the most significant and promising new Streaming B2C products and technologies being exhibited at the NAB Show is quite an honor. And we think with Cinamaker 2.5, new and existing creators will reap the benefits of fast, easy, fun, and affordable live video production and live streaming for unlimited uses.


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