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Cinamaker 2.23 Release Notes

Cinamaker is pleased to announce the release of Cinamaker version 2.23

Your success is our business. And with 2.23 comes new features to make your multi-camera video live streams and recordings more appealing and enhancements for adding and controlling your media, simplifying and extending the power of your in-app editor, improving output to YouTube Live and Zoom, and more!

Check out What’s New in Cinamaker Director Studio 2.23: 

Video Templates

Cinamaker now includes high-quality video templates that make it simple to create and enhance memorable videos for any purpose. Choose video templates from the Template library that are free to customize.

Duplicate Media Objects

In addition to adding Media elements to your projects, you may Duplicate media objects within the same project for greater efficiency.

Import Video Projects into Cinamaker

Now you can import existing multi-camera recordings (shot with Riverside and other multi-camera recording platforms) and edit with Cinamaker’s in-app editor

YouTube Live Enhancements

Enhancements for live streaming directly to YouTube, including direct access to the YouTube Live Control Room, broadcast to scheduled meetings, and improved streaming for RTMPS.

In-App Editor Enhancements

To make it easier to navigate and edit your timeline we have added a zoom-in feature. To zoom-in, grab the handles on the new bar underneath the timeline. Make the bar less wide to increase the Zoom. When zoomed-in, you can also scroll the timeline horizontally by moving the zoom bar.

Live Stream to 3 Destinations*, Simultaneously

From an M1-based Mac, live stream your Cinamaker feed to two (2) RTMP destinations (social networks) and (1) Zoom meeting or webinar, simultaneously.

From a non-M1 Mac (2018 or later), live stream to one (1) RTMP destination (social network), and one (1) Zoom meeting or webinar, simultaneously.

From an M1-based iPad, live stream your Cinamaker feed to two (2) RTMP destinations (social networks), simultaneously.

From an non-M1 iPad (2018 or later), live stream to one (1) RTMP destination (social network)

Direct Output to Zoom Meetings (MacOS only)

Enhancements for sending your video and audio output to Zoom Meetings with one click.

Formerly, output to Zoom was established via the Cinamaker Web Cam Driver and Audio Driver. The new enhanced method makes it fast and easy to connect and send your output to Zoom without having to switch the Cinamaker Web Cam Driver and Audio Driver on from the Zoom interface.

Direct Output to Zoom Webinars (MacOS only)

In addition to Zoom Meetings, now you can send your Cinamaker feed directly to Zoom Webinars

Zoom Integration Now Included in Free Version

Now Cinamaker Free users have access to Cinamaker remote guest capability via Zoom and direct output to Zoom meetings and webinars.


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