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Cinamaker 2.17 Release Notes

Cinamaker releases version 2.17 with enhancements that feature Apple’s Center Stage, user-friendly System Diagnostics, time-sensitive tasks for loading and saving media assets, and more.

With this release, you will: 

  • Keep your subjects in frame as they move around, via Apple’s Center Stage**
  • Load and save multiple media libraries for easy access to commonly used media assets 
  • Optimize your time and troubleshoot unforeseen issues with Systems Diagnostics
  • Increase the number of remote guests (via Zoom) on devices that support HEVC
  • Plus: Bug fixes, and stability improvements

Apple Center Stage Support

Cinamaker Capture is now compatible with Apple’s Center Stage.  With Cinamaker Capture installed on Center Stage enabled iPads, your iPad’s front-facing camera follows the action during your Cinamaker live stream and/or recording without a camera operator.

This new Cinamaker feature works great for church services, classroom activities, sports, performance, and more.

For more about Center Stage, click here

Cinamaker Capture is now compatible with Apple's Center Stage.

Load & Save Media Assets

Now with Cinamaker Director and Meeting Director, you can load and save multiple media libraries for easy access to commonly used assets such as photos, lower thirds, videos, graphics, logos, audio files, and more. 

This upgrade has been a commonly requested feature to save time by minimizing the effort to create assets for each of your Cinamaker live streams and recordings.

Great for those podcast creators, worship organizations, marketing organizations who manage multiple projects and re-use opening and closing graphics and audio files on a daily or weekly basis

System Diagnostics

Cinamaker Diagnostics anticipates and informs the user of potential performance issues. 

When issues are detected, such as wifi network, CPU, and memory, you will be provided a warning and recommendation on how to resolve the problem.

This is an important new feature designed to optimize your time and troubleshoot unforeseen issues such as losing camera connections, issues with video/audio sync, live stream reliability, etc.

HEVC Support Improvements

Cinamaker continues to increase the number of remote guests (via Zoom) on devices that support HEVC.

Bug fixes and stability improvements

This release includes bug fixes and stability improvements.

** must have a compatible iPad with a front ‘Center Stage’ camera to enable this feature


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