Director Multicam Studio

Pro Multicam Live Stream Video

Mac and iPad

• Switch up to 8 cameras, iPhones, webcams & Zoom feeds

• Connect RTSP & NDI Pro Cameras and encoders

• Connect Pro Audio and Mix up to 8 audio sources

• Text and still and animated graphics overlays

• Audio & Video Clips

• Picture-In-Picture

• Chroma-Key

• Transition Effects

• Virtual Cameras


Meeting Director

Pro Multicam Live Stream Video


• Increase iPhone camera limit from 2-4

• Add up to 7 dedicated audio sources

• Connect Digital Cameras and Encoders via RTSP

• Add additional graphics objects, audio clips and play movie clips

• Live streaming to any RTMP destination

• Archive to iCloud

• Full Adobe Premiere & Final Cut Pro X Compatibility

• Chroma key for video assistants and overlays

• Create multiple 1080p virtual cameras views from a single
iPhone 4K sensor


Cinamaker Capture

Multicam Live Stream Video



Welcome to the future of live video production.

Cinamaker requires two apps:

Cinamaker Capture:

Cinamaker Capture is the companion app for Cinamaker Director Pad, the multi-camera live video production app.



Screen capture recording

MAC and iOs

CinIO is a companion app to Cinamaker Director Pad allowing you to send the contents of your Mac desktop to your live Cinamaker session. Excellent for adding audio and video from your Mac as well as presentations, complex illustrations and animation. Connect, in sync, to digital audio interfaces, attached cameras and other media on your Mac.

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