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There is truly nothing better to record the highest quality videos from a Zoom call and actually make a nice edit. Recognizable interface during call and good flexibility for video editors, creators and those with less experience.

Kyler Miles

Video Content Producer & Agency Owner

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Cinamaker provides the scaffolding of a tool for creation. I enjoy it’s ability to help me capture and captivate an audience with the use of multiple cameras in studio or remote that enables me to just focus on what I love to do; create.

Jason Silva

Philosopher & Creator

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Using Remote HD Recorder allows me to create a remote video podcast that has full HD quality and saves me a ton of time in the editing room making producing remote video podcasts as easily as it’s ever been for me.

Leo Romano

Video Podcast Editor / Producer

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  • Screen Share
  • 8 Camera Angles / Input sources
  • Zoom interface & Chat




$9.99 /month

$8.33 /month

Billed monthly

Billed annually

Best for those looking for high quality to create more content without the need for further editing

  • All things in Trial Package +
  • 5 Hours of Production per month
  • 14 Day cloud storage of recordings
  • X$ per additional hours needed

$19.99 /month

$16.66 /month

Billed monthly

Billed annually

Best for those looking to create with full control and access to high quality source files

  • All things in Trial Package +
  • 10 Hours of production per month
  • 30 day cloud storage of recordings
  • Download All ISO videos
  • Download All audio files
  • X-1$ per additional hour needed


What it Does?

Remote HD Recorder for Zoom is an official Zoom SDK app that works over the Zoom global network and enables users to get the highest quality recordings possible from their Zoom meetings.


Hosts schedule HD Recording sessions similar to scheduling a Zoom meeting then send out a custom join link to all participants so they can participate in the HD Recording session at the scheduled time.


When using our custom Zoom App meeting attendees can harness the quality of their local cameras and audio equipment to capture studio grade recordings during their HD Recorder for Zoom session. After these meetings all studio grade recordings are sent to our cloud for the hosts to download at their convenience. Our custom client functions nearly identical to the official Zoom client supporting all core Zoom features including, screen-sharing, chats, whiteboards, AI and more making the experience familiar to all attendees.

How it Works / Scheduling a Meeting?

You can schedule a meeting from our website at ‘’ or within our official Zoom App inside of the Zoom client. From the Schedule screen, specify the date and time of your meeting then retrieve your custom link to distribute to all of your guests attendees.

How it Works / Starting and Joining Meetings?

The host can start the meeting by simply following the join link and logging in with their Zoom credentials.

Guests can join a meeting by only following the smart link shared by the host.

The first time they attempt to join a session they will be automatically redirected to a download page for their specific platform. Today, iPhones, iPads, Android Smartphones, Macs, Windows PCs are supported.

Once the users downloads our custom Zoom client application they will be able to join the meeting. Once they have joined they will be in a familiar Zoom interface.

How it Works / Retrieving and Downloading studio grade HD Recordings?

As a host, you have access to all of your meetings recordings. You can see your past meetings, the status of all uploads from your guests and have access to the individual isolated audio and videos as well as a composite video that emulates a typical Zoom recording, except it is in studio-grade quality.


How many guests can I have/ record?

There is a maximum of 8 guests that can be recorded, including the host.

I used Remote HD Recorder but some of the guests quality wasn’t in 1080p HD? Why?

It is most likely that their camera does not support full 1080p. Many standard devices, laptops or self facing cameras on older devices do not all have 1080 web cameras and therefore it will only record in the highest quality available on your guests devices.

I used Remote HD Recorder but there are no recordings from my guests or some of guests.

It is possible that your guests did not wait for their upload to complete after your meeting. Please request they open the Remote Recorder application and allow the upload to complete.

Can I screenshare when using Remote Recorder?

When guests screen share from Windows or Mac OS  their screen will be displayed and also recorded at studio grade. iPhone, iPad and Android devices do not record when screen sharing.

What happens if one of my guests has poor internet connection?

It is possible that during the call their quality drops periodically but there is nothing to worry about as we record the video and audio directly on the device and upload to the cloud post meeting.

If their internet connection is poor this will only impact the upload to be slower to the cloud. It is also possible that the guest will see a notification with the issue and a proposal to check the connection and restore the upload.

Can I download both audio and video files separately?

Yes. There is the Video with audio file and the audio file separately for each participant of the call..

The audio separate file will be available for the host after a short time once video is fully uploaded to the cloud. Host will see the upload completion status of all of their guests in real time.

Do you offer a way to edit these recordings?

Yes. The host can import the project (all his isolated recordings) into Cinamaker Director Studio and perform editing there simply by using our point and click editor or alternatively the host may download the composite or individual ISO recordings and bring them into any video editing software.

Do I need to switch cameras, angles or do guests or do anything during a session.

No. Everything will be done for you. Your job is to confirm everyone is connected in the status window and that they’re in focus, well lit, and their audio is coming through clearly.

Can I schedule meetings / recordings in advance?

Yes, you can schedule the meeting just like you would in Zoom. You can use the Cinamaker Remote HD Recorder App in Zoom or directly from ‘

How long are recordings stored in the cloud?

All recordings are available for 30 days from the recording date.

How does recorded production time calculate? How will I be billed for extra hours if needed?

Recorded time is measured in overall production hours. A one hour meeting counts as one hour of production. If you go over the allocated hours in your package you will be billed for additional hours at your hourly rate specified in your subscription.

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