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Cinamaker Captures InnovATL


At an engaging interview and talkback with Atlanta’s best and brightest innovators and entrepreneurs, Cinamaker’s sleek setup was virtually undetectable as it captured every bit of wit and wisdom from four stunning angles.

Cinamaker is proud to be among Atlanta’s top startups as a member of the Bridge Community Program. Our membership allows us unique experiences to grow our business, namely the enriching opportunity to grow among others.

Despite it being Friday the 13th, this past Friday happened to be one of those unique, lucky experiences for the Bridge Community members. This normally unlucky day was the first ever InnovATL conference, and we were even luckier to not only attend the event, but be the featured videographers as well.

For this busy day, we knew it would be important to secure our mobile studio with a wired configuration. We made sure to pack all our routers, switches, and cords in advance to make setup even swifter — and of course, arrived fashionably early.

Instead of starting from the router, we built our configuration backwards, beginning by placing our three iPhone 6 camera assistants and one Lumix camera around the stage: one phone at stage left to capture the right side, one at stage right to capture the left side, one at the back of the room for a wide shot of the whole stage, and finally our Lumix mid-audience for a tighter full-stage shots and panning.

After mounting our devices for the perfect angles on their tripods, we connected the Lightning Adaptor, Gb Ethernet Adaptor, and POE Splitter to the ethernet cables that then connected to the POE Switch and router that we tucked under the stage. Once we established our internet connection and double checked our angles and connection, we whipped out our handy dandy gaff tape to finish our setup with a polished, trip-free flourish.

Shortly after finishing up, the audience began to take their seats. With such small devices, our multi-cam setup was practically undetectable, and nobody had to worry about a limited view. Best of all, instead of a cluttered crew table in the back, our lead videographer was able to take a seat among the crowd with her iPad neatly on her lap. Thanks to the Director Pad, she was able to monitor and adjust every iPhone remotely, and only needed to stand up briefly to capture important movement with the Lumix.

We would like to thank our fellow Bridge Community startups and sponsors for making InnovATL a success and for all the support and wonderful opportunities this program affords us.

Stay tuned for videos and more lucky day updates in our Cinamaker story!

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