Live Video Tools for YouTube Creators

Your Multi-Camera Studio In One Simple App

Enhance your YouTube channel by creating engaging video recordings and live streams your viewers hunger for.

Using equipment you already own, Cinamaker is your all-in-one multi-camera recording, editing, and live streaming Studio in one powerful app. No experience is necessary!

Get Cinamaker Director Studio – for Free

Download Cinamaker Director Studio to your Mac and/or iPad and discover the power of multi-camera live streaming, recording, and editing. Upgrade to Cinamaker Director Studio (PRO) anytime.

Download Cinamaker Director Studio for Free!

record zoom video

Create Engaging Video with Up to 8 Camera Angles and more

Tell better stories and make your content come to life with multiple angles, rich media, include remote guests, and even share your screens — all with a few simple clicks.

Use up to eight (8) local and remote cameras; iPhones, digital cameras, and Zoom cameras.

Edit & Mix your Recorded

Live Stream, Record, Edit & Share Your Content

Cinamaker gives you free rein to create and share your video content directly to your YouTube Channel(s) and the platforms that matter to you – individually or all at once via RTMP.

Publish to your Video Podcast

Professional Production without The Hassle or Expense

Live-edit in real-time or in playback with Cinamaker’s powerful in-app editor and save countless hours in post-production. And export to your favorite video editing software for that extra polish.

The Ease & Power of Cinamaker + Zoom HD Video Streams

Plus, the Ease & Power of Cinamaker + Zoom HD Video Streams…

Cinamaker’s direct Zoom integration is great for Zoom meeting hosts who wish to seamlessly record remote guests and remote cameras in HD.

Once recorded, Cinamaker’s easy & powerful in-app editor makes is simple to mix the Zoom HD streams, multimedia files, audio, and visual fx.

Create short clips, too.

Easy as 1-2-3

  • Download The App

    Download The App for Free

    Download Cinamaker Director Studio to your Mac or iPad

  • Connect Zoom Account

    Connect Devices

    iPhones, iPads or digital cameras, remote Zoom guests, gaming consoles; include up to 8 cameras and devices

  • Record-Edit-Share

    Record, Edit, Stream

    Record and edit professional-grade Video and Live Streams without any previous experience

Cinamaker Director Studio (PRO) includes:

  • Switch up to 8 cameras, iPhones, webcams & Zoom feeds
  • Connect RTSP & NDI Pro Cameras and encoders
  • Connect Pro Audio and Mix up to 8 audio sources
  • Text and still and animated graphics overlays
  • Audio & Video Clips
  • Picture-In-Picture
  • Chroma-Key
  • Transition Effects
  • Virtual Cameras
  • Multi-Camera Recording
  • Easy Multi-Camera Editing
  • Archive Projects to iCloud
  • Premiere and Final Cut project file compatibility
  • Output via RTMP to YouTube,  Facebook, LinkedIn, more
  • Include Remote Guests or cameras with our Zoom integration
  • Output to Zoom, MS Teams, Webex, Skype and more via Virtual Webcam
  • Share screens/apps from your Mac, iOS, and other network-connected devices

Use Cinamaker for free, or subscribe to a Cinamaker Director Studio PRO Monthly or Annual plan.

System Requirements

Minimum Hardware Configuration:

Cinamaker Director Studio – macOS

  • 2018 or newer iMac or MacBook Pro
  • Operating system – macOS v10.15.6 Catalina or newer
  • RAM – 8 GB of RAM
  • Graphics adapter – 2 GB of GPU VRAM

Cinamaker Director Studio – iOS

  • 2018 6th generation iPad or newer


Cinamaker Capture* – iOS

  • 2016 iPhone SE or newer


*Free companion software for connecting and controlling iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch video cameras and audio capture.

Recommended Hardware Configuration:

Cinamaker Director Studio – macOS

  • 2020 or newer Mac mini, iMac or MacBook Pro
  • Operating system – macOS v11.2.3 Big Sur or newer
  • RAM – 16 GB or more
  • Graphics adapter – 4 GB of GPU VRAM or more

Cinamaker Director Studio – iOS

  • 2020 4th generation iPad Pro or newer


Cinamaker Capture* – iOS

  • 2019 iPhone 11 or newer

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