Cinamaker Studio Recorder for Zoom

The all-in-one Video Recording & Editing tool for Video Podcasters & their Remote Guests

Cinamaker Studio Recorder for Zoom gives new life and creativity to your video streams from Zoom meetings

Seamlessly record Zoom meeting Hosts & Participants and shortly afterward receive high-definition cameras and audio files that can be immediately edited and refined from Cinamaker’s groundbreaking in-app editor

Get Cinamaker Studio Recorder for Zoom – Free

Get Cinamaker Studio Recorder for Zoom and discover the power of easily recording and editing HD Quality video content from your Zoom meetings

Get Cinamaker Studio Recorder Now – for Free!

Create Engaging High Quality Videos from your Multi-Guest Zoom meetings

Tell better stories and make your content come to life with multiple angles, rich media, include remote guests, and even share your screens all with a few simple clicks.

Use up to eight (8) local and remote cameras; iPhones, digital cameras, and Zoom cameras.Use your zoom meetings to create engaging HD video all recorded remotely and downloaded directly from the cloud within minutes of your meeting

Cinamaker + YouTube Makes Going Live Super Easy Powerful

Our Video Templates and Your Custom Media make your shows shine

Recording on zoom doesn’t need to be boring or bland or long and tedious to create. Cinamaker’s Studio Recorder puts you in the director chair and enables your content to be pro quality without needing to hire the pros to do it

Save Hours with Cinamaker's Simple In-App Editor

Save Hours with Cinamaker’s powerful In-App Editor

Receive the individual video and audio files and use Cinamaker’s powerful in-app editor to save countless hours and costs in post-production. Make clips from your edited video and share them instantly on social media

Plus, the familiarity and confidence of Zoom

Cinamaker’s direct Zoom integration is great for Zoom meeting hosts and their guests who are at ease using Zoom’s simple and familiar interface

Professional Production without the Hassle or Expense

Professional Production without the Hassle or Expense

Cinamaker Studio Recorder for Zoom gives you the power to rapidly Record, Edit, and Distribute professional grade Video Podcasts to your platforms no matter your experience-level

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Easy as 1-2-3

  • Download The App

    Get Studio Recorder for Zoom

    Host & Record Your Meetings

  • Connect Zoom Account

    Download Isolated HD Video & Audio files

    Immediately download the isolated Host & Remote Guest’s video & audio files after the meeting

  • Record-Edit-Share

    Edit, Re-Edit, & Publish

    Use Cinamaker’s powerful in-app editor to Edit and Re-Edit the Video & Audio, then Publish to your Platforms

Cinamaker Studio Recorder includes:

  • Use Zoom meetings to record your Host and Guests cameras in the highest resolution possible
  • Schedule and start Zoom meetings from inside Studio Recorder for Zoom by Cinamaker
  • Record your Zoom meetings using Studio Recorder for Zoom by Cinamaker
  • Download Host and Remote Guests video and audio recordings minutes after the Zoom meeting ends
  • Immediately Edit your multiple cameras and audio sources in Cinamaker’s powerful in-App editor
  • Choose from multiple Video Templates from Cinamaker’s powerful in-App editor
  • Render your finished video minutes after editing and upload

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