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Daytime Lighting Guide for Film: Harnessing the Sun

Here’s a brief daytime lighting guide for all you filmmakers venturing to the great outdoors. Learn how to get the most from the sun with tips, tools, and more.  While the temptation may exist to look to that great big ball of fire in the sky as an effective source of outdoor lighting for your video shoots, don’t give in, at least not completely. Although sunlight does fill the entire daytime sky, the angles of the sun rays are directional and this will cast shadows on your film’s subjects. You’ll also face issues with contrast, changeable weather and lighting conditions,…

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Lighting for Action Shots

It’s true, lighting can make or break a shot. Simple lighting differences are able to elicit incredibly diverse audience emotions. For example, the soft light for a couple sitting together holding hands at sunset has a far different look than the dark lighting of someone standing at a cemetery in the rain. Lighting for action shots requires the same nuanced attention to detail. When producing an action shot, you want the audience to feel excited for the subjects and maybe even a little nervous about whether they will succeed. But how are these emotions drawn from the audience? Here’s some…

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